d'Livery NOLA Merchant FAQ


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Can I put my business on the d'Livery platform? 

Yes! We would love to discuss getting your business on board with us. Kindly send an email with your name, your business name, business address, and a brief description of what you do to our new partner email and a member of our Partner Management team will reach out to you soon.

Hours and Configuration

How can I update my business's hours in d'Livery? 

Open up your d'Livery NOLA account at our Orders platform and click on the bar that says 'Account' and then on the 'Preferences' tab. From there, you can choose to close your business on certain days of the week or click 'Update Timeslot' to set your hours.

How can I close my business for the day on d'Livery?

From your tablet, open the d'Livery NOLA app and tap the 'My Configuration' tab. Toggling your merchant status on/off will keep your storefront visible while indicating to customers you are not currently accepting orders.

Additionally, you can reach out to your Partner Manager or the d'Livery NOLA Help Desk to request to be turn off. Note that doing so will make your storefront invisible on the platform until you are turned back on.

Take care to remember to open your store again when you are ready.

My store is open but customers can't place orders.

If your store appears on the customer site but customers are greeted with the message, "The store is not accepting orders currently" than your store is turned off on your tablet. To fix this, simply open the d'Livery NOLA app on your tablet and navigate to the 'My Configuration' tab and toggle your Merchant Status to on.


How can I adjust the price of a menu item?

Open the d'Livery NOLA app on your tablet and tap on the 'Catalogue' tab. From there, simply tap on any menu item to get access to all of its parameters, including price and description.

How do I temporarily disable an item that is out of stock?

Open the d'Livery NOLA app on your tablet and tap on the 'Catalogue' tab. Tap on the 3 dots next to a given product. Selecting 'Disable' will grey out the product and stop displaying it online, however, it will not be deleted. When you are ready, simply reenable the product by tapping the three dots again and tapping 'Enable.'

Can I change the modifiers/add-ons for my products?

Open up your d'Livery NOLA account at our Orders platform on a computer and click on the bar that says 'Catalogue.' From there, navigate to the product(s) you wish to change. On the right side of the page at the bottom of the product info section, you'll see a section to add modifiers or update existing ones.

If you have questions about setting up add-ons correctly (default choice, min/max option selected, etc.) reach out to your Partner Manager to ensure your d'Livery storefront works as desired.

What is menu mapping?

Menu mapping is an option for merchants who want to offer different products at different times and can benefit from automating this process (i.e. a restaurant that offers a brunch menu at a specific time and day). If this sounds like it could benefit your d'Livery NOLA storefront, reach out to your Partner Manager about setting up menu mapping.

If you are a merchant currently using menu mapping features and have questions, refer to the more detailed instructions provided or reach out your Partner Manager.


Where can I see all of my orders/customers?

You can access a log of your customers by opening up your d'Livery NOLA account at our Orders platform and click on the bar that says 'Customers.'

How do I access my d'Livery NOLA account on the web?

If you are having trouble accessing your online account on our Orders platform, reach out to your Partner Manager to get your login information. Typically, these credentials are provided when you onboard with us, so be sure to keep it handy.

Merchant Tablets

What can I do with my tablet?

You can do many things on your tablet. Using the d'Livery NOLA app, you can:

  • Open/Close your storefront
  • Add/Disable/Edit/Delete products in your catalogue
  • Update your business's primary contact information
  • Access Agent Support Chats

Why won't my tablet turn on?

Taking orders all day can wear a tablet down, so be sure to keep it plugged in as much as you can. Be sure that the volume is turned up and the d'Livery app is left open to ensure you don't miss an order.

If holding down the power button after leaving the tablet on a charger in different outlets for a while doesn't work, reach out to you Partner Manager about what to do next.

Who do I reach out to when my tablet isn't working?

Reach out to your Partner Manager about replacing your tablet. The Help Desk number printed on your tablet is primarily for order/delivery inquiries, whereas your Partner Manager will be better equipped to get you a replacement tablet quickly.


For questions about orders/deliveries, contact the Help Desk at (504)233-2415.

For concerns about your account/business inquiries, reach out to your Partner Manager.